why I have always tried not to get too close to my sister.

I’m so glad she knows my entire life and the range of fucking emotions I’ve ever felt so that I can’t possibly relate to the pain felt by a character in Les Miserables. I can’t even fathom it in the slightest. My world has been that perfect…

Oh! And that I should never try to go into corporate America because of my body mods and how my background as a SuicideGirl would impact such a drastic change in lifestyle.

For the record, FUCK YOU, you uptight, conservative cunt. Until your marriage fell apart, you probably never felt a fucking ounce of pain or goddamn despair!

I literally could tell you the range of shit that has always fucked me up that I keep buried away and that no one fucking knows and you’d probably fucking kill yourself.
Stick to the shit you know, please and thank you, cause it’s not me, my life or what real agony is.
/end rant

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